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Dominating East Central Alabama, we own and operate eight radio signals built around five on-air brands: 98.3 Fox FM, Yea!106.5 (& 98.3 HD2), 105.1 WRFS, KiX 96.3 (& 1050 AM), and KiX 100.3 (& 1290 AM). We hit parts of more than 20 counties, potentially reaching hundreds of thousands of people. In late 2019. we’ll launch yet another new station, this one serving the Auburn area and also on 100.3.

There’s more! — our synergistic hyperlocal news, sports, weather, and information website — strengthens our engagement, along with multiple mobile apps, social media distribution, and two-way text messaging services.

No other combination of local and regional media options delivers anything even close to RadioAlabama’s 24/7 on air, online, on the go, anywhere, anytime value.

Who are we?

Based in Alabama’s Marble City, our signals blanket a large part of the east central part of the state – west to east from the edges of Birmingham to just outside Auburn, north to south from the Talladega Superspeedway at I-20 to and through Montgomery.

How many people can we reach? Although it’s impossible to tell how many people are listening at any one moment in time, here’s some simple opportunity math.

According to the latest U.S. Census data, 1,764,426 people live within 60 miles of Sylacauga, and all are within the coverage area of one or more of our signals. Of those, 1,345,352 are ages 18+. According to Nielsen, 93% of the adult population listens to the radio each week, meaning that 1,251,177 adults could potentially be our listeners.

We also like to brag that a car is a radio on four wheels – unreachable by newspapers, magazines, phonebooks, television, or web browsers. On-the-go, at-home, in-office, and at-play listeners also connect to us via our online internet streams, iHeart Radio, and Tune-in, as well as our mobile apps and the RadioAlabama skill on Amazon Alexa-enabled smart speakers.

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